About me


From quite an early age, I was quite adept with pencils, crayons and paintbrushes. I was most interested in birds when I was around 10 and drew them from pictures in my "Observers book of birds" ! Sadly all trace of them has been lost. At school I never specifically took art, and am completely self- taught. I have read quite a few "how to draw and paint" books , and though they have helped in some ways, I still cant adhere to "The rules" ! But its the only way I can achieve the effects I want, so I continue to teach myself !

During my teens , and living close to Manchester airport I became engrossed in aeroplanes (a passion I still have today, and am approaching 30 years working with them ! ) and thus started to draw and paint them. At the time my parents house was right by the Manchester- Crewe railway line, so trains soon became a passion aswell, so many of them were subjects too. Sadly I just missed the end of the steam era, but it didnt stop me painting steam locomotives.

My parents, my sister, Shirley, and my two brothers, Fred and Jim, and I moved over to New Zealand in 1974, where I worked on the footplate for New Zealand Railways for over 3 years, on diesels out of Tauranga shed. At that time my main interest was motorcycles - I raced a Kawasaki H2 for two seasons - and I drew them aswell ! My ability with a paintbrush was noted, and I was offered the opportunity to go into signwriting, but didnt want to lose the excellent pay I was earning on the railway, which funded the racing. One of those decisions one thinks about later in life !

These days I still love to paint aeroplanes and railway locomotives, and have painted commissions for airlines, and locomotive owning societies, both steam and diesel. I am a member of the Guild of Aviation Artists and intend to become a full member in due course. I have released numerous prints of my work, including several Limited Editions. Over the last few years I have done quite a lot of portraiture work, including pets, which are far more challenging to draw than people !

After releasing my first Limited edition print, "Ready for Action" , in 1990, I started doing my own framing, again completely self taught, with a little help from my old mate Bun, and some "advice" from professionals, and have been building frames since, having built several thousand frames to date. Another activity which I find highly rewarding.

I hope you find my artworks and website interesting. Please dont hesitate to email any comments you may have, or of course if you are interested in purchasing any limited editions, or commissioning me.